The "BE HAPPY" Podcast                                with Anne-Sophie

           The "BE HAPPY" Podcast            

                with Anne-Sophie

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The "BE HAPPY" Podcast  is a weekly podcast with an in-depth approach on how happiness impacts on our lives. When we are happy a whole lot of things happen on a physical level, a psychological level, an emotional level, an energetic level and on our overall wellbeing.

The good news is that we are in charge of our happiness, NO ONE can "make" us happy - it IS an inside job!

  • Episode 1: Everyone first wish is to be happy, however we all have a different definition of happiness....
  • Episode 2: Happiness doesn't come from an outside source, it comes from within...
  • Episode 3: The eternal pursuit of happiness, what if we all ready had the key?
  • Episode 4: Be happy now!
  • Episode 5: The power on gratitude and it's direct link on our level of happiness
  • Episode 6: What is happiness?
  • Episode 7: What if it was easy to be happy?
  • Episode 8: Happiness in all areas of your life - it is all connected
  • Episode 9: A holistic approach of happiness
  • Episode 10: Practical tips on how to become happier